MilesWeb Pricing – Is it Worth Trying?

MilesWeb hosting is an India-based web hosting provider with remarkable successful services in the USA and many other countries.

The core purpose of introducing MilesWeb was to provide affordable hosting services to SMBs around the globe.

They have been doing this successfully for the last 9 years.

MilesWeb Pricing
MilesWeb Pricing


Web Hosting NameMilesWeb
Plans start from$0.60/ Month if you sign up for 3 years
Promo Code/ Coupon80% off Web Hosting
Features100% Uptimes, 24×7 Customer Support, Free Domain, and 30-Days Money Back Guarantee
WebsiteClick Here

Why Choose MilesWeb?

Why Choose MilesWeb?
Why Choose MilesWeb

MilesWeb review will explore everything about MilesWeb that a common business manager needs to know.

MilesWeb hosting is not a typical local hosting company but a renowned hosting provider at the global level.

This company offers every resource that you need for an online presence. From free domain to lightning-fast web page loading speed, MilesWeb has everything.

Here are some salient features of MilesWeb that may help you to beat the competition with the ultra-fast and reliable website:

  • Extremely affordable hosting plans
  • Complete resources for online businesses
  • 30-days money-back warranty
  • Super-fast hosting response
  • 99.9% uptime for the servers
  • Strict data privacy and protection policies
  • 100% independent web hosting service provider
  • Based in India with a wide range of services for businesses of all sizes

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MilesWeb Review 2022

Despite being one of the newest players in the web hosting industry, MilesWeb has acquired a huge clientele in no time.

This MilesWeb review will explore all the important aspects of MilesWeb hosting that may impact the performance of your site.

As compared to the pricing of the web hosting packages, this service is worth the shot.

Get 1 Free Domain

With the purchase of the MilesWeb hosting service, you will get one free domain for the unique identity of your business.

There are no extra charges to register your first domain with MilesWeb. This is a great perk for small-medium businesses and startups that are on a tight budget.

Generally, common domain registration will cost you $8-$20 but with MilesWeb, you will get it for free.

WordPress Optimized

Are you looking for reliable web hosting that comes at a reasonable price?

You don’t need to look any further because the MilesWeb review will lead you straight to the most reliable hosting for WordPress.

The services are specifically optimized for a smooth experience for WordPress users.

Ultra-fast Speed and Experience

As the web hosting company claims to be the “highest rated web host”, the expectations from MilesWeb hosting automatically go higher.

The sites hosted on MilesWeb had a record loading time of 2.1 seconds. For a web hosting company at such reasonable prices, this speed is insanely perfect.

Ease of Use

The genius minds behind this company have emphasized empowering businesses that don’t have in-house IT teams. Even a non-technical individual with no IT background can get a new site live with MilesWeb. Apart from the cPanel, the MilesWeb website itself is super easy to navigate.

Professional Customer Support

Online reviews and testimonials rate high for customer service.

Customer support is not only an important factor for MilesWeb review but we pay special attention to this indicator for every review.

If you are ever stuck at any point, MilesWeb CS will help you to sort out the issue.

MilesWeb Plans and Pricing

MilesWeb Plans and Pricing
MilesWeb Plans and Pricing

There are 3 pricing plans available for MilesWeb hosting services.

If you sign up for MilesWeb for 3 years subscription, you can save up to 80% on the normal plans.

This MilesWeb review is going to explore all three MilesWeb hosting pricing plans:


  • $3 monthly or $0.60/month if you purchase for 3 years
  • You save 80%


  • $10 monthly or $2/month if you purchase for 3 years
  • You save 80%


  • $13 monthly or $5.20/month if you purchase for 3 years
  • You save 80%

Apart from these packages, if you sign up for 1 year, you will save 50% on all packages.

All these packages come with basic and advanced features that you expect from a web hosting company.

MilesWeb Pros and Cons

Just like any other web hosting review, MilesWeb review is also going to mention some important points that every user needs to know.


  • Wide range of products for online businesses and startups
  • Affordable pricing and plans
  • Free SSL certificate installation
  • Data servers at different secure locations
  • Super-fast and responsive hosting servers


  • Suspicious marketing tactics  
  • The new player in the game
  • Shared hosting has some limitations

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Get Started with MilesWeb

If you are ready to get started with MilesWeb, you can sign up now to grab the amazing discount of 80% off by choosing the web hosting plans for 3 years.

This is the best opportunity for businesses that plan to stay in the game for a long time.

Getting started with MilesWeb is quite easy as you will have to choose the domain if you don’t have one and it is absolutely free. Follow the simple instructions, purchase the desired plan and launch your online website within few minutes.

Alternative of MilesWeb

If you are looking for MilesWeb alternatives then other options are pretty expensive.

They have higher renewal fees and soon you will see that MilesWeb is one of the best and most affordable alternatives to HostGator, Bluehost, and other hosting companies.

Final Verdict on MilesWeb

The services, packages, and products of MilesWeb are second to none.

Some users may be reluctant about the purchase for being the new company but testimonials from the USA and other countries speak high of MilesWeb.

This honest MilesWeb review has covered everything that you need to make an informed decision.

We can say that MilesWeb hosting is worth it despite being so affordable. You must consider it for your new site.

If you like MilesWeb , we recommend you to have a look at HostGator and GoDaddy Web Hosting as well ! We are sure you would love that too!!

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Do I have to buy hosting along with a domain name?

You don’t need to buy a domain name if you already have one. You should know that you will get one free domain name with MilesWeb hosting plan.

Why is MilesWeb hosting package so affordable?

The service is specifically for startups and SMBs so there are no additional charges to rip off the clients.

Is your hosting company of Indian origin?

Yes, the hosting is based in India but they have countless potential clients in the USA business community and other countries.

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