Kamatera review [Updated 2023]

As you certainly already know, web hosting services these days are many: there are so many solutions and options that sometimes it becomes even harder choosing one.

In this Kamatera review, we’d like to dig deep into one of the most scalable hosting services available.

What does scalable mean?

It means that they provide services for amateurs, small business, and big companies; it also means that you can start with as little as $4 per month and then scale up your plan as your business grows.

If you are thinking of building an online career but you don’t have a huge resource for the moment, Kamatera is one of the best web hosting options for you. 

Without further delay, let’s dig deep into our Kamatera review.

Kamatera review
Kamatera review

Kamatera review: what is it?

Kamatera review: what is it?
Kamatera review: what is it?

Kamatera is a cloud hosting provider. They provide cloud solutions to host your website whether it is as small as a blog, or as big as a worldwide e-commerce.

This is one of the web hosting companies with the longest experience: it was founded in 1995!

As the Internet became more and more important during the last years, the number of the web hosting companies available has increased.

Not all of them, of course, have the same reliability and quality level. Kamatera, on the contrary, was already providing hosting services when having a website was something only professionals of the sector use to do.

At the time when the web industry was a small niche, Kamatera was the only company that was providing advanced infrastructures to them.

Since 2002, Kamatera has offered both shared plans and VPS, virtual private servers. 

Furthermore, they recently moved all their infrastructure to the cloud: today, they offer cloud-based solutions to web owners, managers and developers.

Their servers are spread through 13 data centers located in every continent. This is made so that the company can provide the highest-quality possible to all websites worldwide.

As you may know, the location of the server where your website or virtual machine is hosted affects your website or virtual machine performance: you don’t want the servers to be located too far away from where you are managing the platform.

With Kamatera and their servers located in every corner of the world, you are always guaranteed a server close enough to your location.

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Kamatera Review: why choose Kamatera?

There are a lot of reasons why you should choose Kamatera as your web hosting server. First of all, it’s a very reliable service: its uptime is 99% and they also provide h24 customer support.

Furthermore, there are so many options and solutions that you can easily find the most suitable for you.

There is also the possibility of having a free account even though it is extremely limited; however, this is still useful to test the hosting service and overall platform before purchasing the service even because, unluckily, there is no money-back guarantee.

Kamatera Review: Plans and Pricing

Kamatera offers three different hosting services. The three services available are:

  • Unmanaged hosting: it’s an affordable solution but it’s only suitable for professionals web designers and anyone with some technical knowledge. 
  • Managed Hosting: this is the option suitable for anyone, those with zero web experience and professionals who just want to delegate dome of the work. With this option you can use a CMS like WordPress to manage your website or online platform without writing a single string of code.
  • Reseller hosting: this is a great option for agencies and freelancers. 

In the following section, we’ll dig deep into the prices for each of the services provided.

  • Unmanaged cloud servers cost $ 4 per month. At this you can add Cloud Block Storage for $ 0.05 per month per GB of storage needed.
  • Managed cloud hosting costs $ 50 per month per server. With this plan the Kamatera team will manage the infrastructure for you. You can scale up this service with additional features (for example, additional disk space) up to $ 120 per month.

Kamatera also offers:

  • Cloud firewall to safeguard your cloud servers and private network at $ 9 per month;
  • Cloud load balancer to distribute workloads across two or more servers to maximize performance at $9 per month;
  • Private Cloud Network that provides a cloud model with exclusive access to it: this is free.

Kamatera review: Pros and Cons

Kamatera review: Pros

  • Ease of use

The Kamatera dashboard allows an easy management of all aspects of your website and hosting.

From there, you can also manage analytics: save reports, check access activities and things like these.

There is also a 1-click installer for many common applications. One of the most common is of course WordPress.

Installing WordPress manually can get really complicated so it’s ideal to have a pre-set process that does it for you. Other important supported applications are cPanel, Joomia and PHP.

  • Scalability

As we’ve mentioned, Kamatera allows scalability: you can start with as little as $ 4 per month and then start adding features and services as you need them. 

  • Block Storage

Block Storage is a very affordable option to store lots of data on the cloud. It’s also customizable: you only pay for the GBs that you actually use.

  • eCommerce options

Managing ecommerce is not like managing common websites: they are a lot more complex and they must be a lot more secure. Kamatera provides eCommerce services such as:

  • reCaptcha, to prevent spam
  • CubeCart to find ecommerce template for free
  • support of major global shippers like USPS, FedEX, and UPS
  • Integration with two of the major CMS for ecommerces: Magento and WooCommerc
  • Customer support

Magenta customer support is available every day at any time of the day. There are two different for numbers that you can contact:

  • +1 212 738 9657 if you need technical support
  • +1 212 738 9658 if need assistance that concerns payments, plan options, and any issue related to sales.
  • Free 30 day trial

Kamatera doesn’t provide any money-back guarantee. This service is replaced by a 30-day free trial. This is how you can test theplatform and their services to make sure they can work for you.

Kamatera review: cons

  • No money-back guarantee

Kamatera doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee. Such a possibility is usually important because it gives you the possibility of spending an entire month trying the platform and all its service and truly understanding whether it can work for you or not.

However, with Kamatara, you still have the possibility to test the platform before the purchase: you can sign up for a free account.

Despite being very limited (you can’t use it if you want to run an online business, for example) it gives the possibility of trying out the platform before paying for it.

  • Some features are sold separately

The fact that some features are sold separately allows some users that don’t need those services to save some money and ease their workflow.

However, for those users that need them, it becomes a bother to pick and pay for the additional services one by one.

Furthermore, these additional services aren’t that “additional” some of them – like cloud storage – are essential.

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Kamatera reviews: are there any alternatives?

Kamatera is usually compared to the following web hosting services:

  • Vultr, one of Kamatera biggest competitors. It offers affordable hosting solutions to any kind of user.
  • Digital Ocean: this company was founded far more recently but has reached a high quality standard in just 9 years! Digital Ocean offers less standard plans and more customized one. I you want to pay for what you’re actually using and nothing more, give a look at Digital Ocean.
  • Azure, offered by Microsoft. This is also a high-quality web hosting provider but it’s not as affordable as Kamatera.


In this Kamatera review we’ve learned how Kamatera can be customized to anyone’s need.

It has its limits and not the fastest learning curve, but it’s still one of the most affordable and reliable web hosting services in the market.

Kamatera review: FAQs

Can I use a free account for my blog?

No, you can’t. The free account isn’t meant to provide a basic service for beginners or bloggers: it’s just a trial period.

The free trial is only useful to test the service and understand whether it can be worth purchasing it.

Can I migrate my website to kamatera?

Yes, of course you can. However, it isn’t always free. The migration process is handled by the Kamatera team: this is very secure, however it can have a cost.

Is Kamatera available in other languages?

Yes it is. Kamatera dashboard, website and support is available in English, France, Spanish, German and more.

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