InMotion Hosting Pricing – Is this Legit or a Gimmick?

Out of all the Hosting Websites, it becomes really difficult to choose the best one. At first, InMotion Hosting seems to be everything you’d expect from a top web hosting company. 

There are basic plans, WordPress-specific plans, and highly scalable solutions that can scale with your business over time. 

In this article, we will analyze how excellent those hosting options are and if you should rely on them for your next website.

InMotion Hosting Pricing
InMotion Hosting Pricing


Web Hosting NameInMotion
Plans Start From$2.49/ Month
Promo Code/ CouponGet a 50% Discount
FeaturesFree domain, free SSL, 100% Uptimes, VPS, 24/7 support
WebsiteClick Here

What Is InMotion Hosting?

What Is InMotion Hosting?
What Is InMotion Hosting?

InMotion Hosting is a hosting company headquartered in the United States that began as a small project in 2001. This indicates that it has been in the hosting industry for a total of 20 years. 

What’s more remarkable is that it’s a completely employee-owned company. In comparison to the Corpo-structured hosting giants we’re all accustomed to, this is a breath of fresh air.

The company is based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and provides US-based customer support, a 90-day money-back guarantee, and secure data facilities in the United States.

It’s also worth noting that the company is taking steps to transition to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable business strategy. 

They’re the city’s first-ever green data center, cutting carbon emissions by more than 2,000 tons yearly.

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Why Choose InMotion Hosting?

The hosting plans offered by InMotion are quite decent. While many providers save all of the best features for their most costly plans, InMotion Hosting maintains a good mix of functionality throughout the board.

cPanel, unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 support, and free advertising credits are included with all InMotion Hosting plans. 

Preinstalled options include WordPress, PrestaShop, and Joomla. Every plan also includes free website transfers and a one-year free domain name.

Furthermore, and maybe most importantly, every plan includes free SSL certificates from LetsEncrypt. 

For non-nerds, this means that all of your website’s back-and-forth communication is encrypted, adding another layer of protection against hackers and data breaches.

Search engines may also give your site a tiny boost if SSL is enabled.

Inmotion Hosting Review – Plans and Pricing

Inmotion Hosting Review - Plans and Pricing
Inmotion Hosting Review – Plans and Pricing

It is reasonably priced. It isn’t as affordable as Hostinger, but it is much less expensive than other hosts.

They provide payment options of one month, one year, two years, and three years, with a 90-day money-back guarantee, which is three times the industry norm. 

You’ll have plenty of time to determine whether or not you enjoy the service.

Shared Hosting

The most basic low-cost option is shared hosting. Launch, Power, and Pro are the three hosting options available in this category.

The amount of supported MySQL databases and add-on domains are the major variations between these shared hosting plans. 

Launch, Power, and Pro, for example, support 1/10/100/unlimited parked domains or 2/3/50/100 MySQL databases.

Because all of InMotion Hosting’s shared hosting plans are based on Linux, cPanel is the obvious web management application. 

The majority of users will be familiar with and utilize cPanel. These plans also provide unlimited bandwidth and a free SSL certificate.


  • Launch: Starts at $6.99 per month
  • Power: Starts at $6.99 per month
  • Pro: Starts at $15.99 per month. 

*Prices are based on a 1-year plan.

VPS Hosting

You can choose one of InMotion Hosting’s VPS plans to prevent uncontrolled surges that might damage site performance on a shared server environment. 

There are three different plans to choose from, each with different amounts of RAM, storage space, bandwidth, and dedicated IP addresses.


  • 2GB RAM: Starts at $41.99 per month
  • 4GB RAM: Starts at $51.99 per month
  • 6GB RAM: Starts at $71.99 per month. 
  • 8GB RAM: Starts at $91.99 per month. 

*Prices are based on a 1-year plan.

Dedicated Hosting

It is the ideal option if you require custom software, root access, or specific security features for one or more websites. 

The servers from InMotion Hosting are built to fulfill the requirements of enterprise-level websites. With InMotion Hosting, you can set up a dedicated Linux-based server. 

Depending on the plan, they provide substantial monthly data transfer limitations ranging from 6 to 12 TB, much above the bandwidth restrictions offered by competitors like Arvixe (5TB) and SiteGround (2TB) (at 10TB).


  • Essential: Starts at $139.99 per month
  • Advanced: Starts at $189.99 per month
  • Elite: Starts at $259.99 per month. 

*Prices are based on a 1-year plan.

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InMotion Hosting Pros and Cons

Not every hosting company is created equal. They all have different features and services, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. 

Before you make a choice, you should thoroughly consider all of your options. Here are some pros and cons of InMotion Hosting that we discovered.


  • 90-day money-back guarantee: InMotion Hosting provides a generous 90-day money-back guarantee. The majority of other hosting providers only provide a 30-day money-back guarantee. (Note: Domains are not covered by the guarantee; once registered, you own them and may use them with any host.)
  • Free SSL: All InMotion Hosting plans offer a free SSL certificate, which is required for building an eCommerce website. Other servers often charge $30 to $60 per year for SSL certificates.
  • Storage on SSD drives: Instead of traditional spinning hard drives, all InMotion Hosting servers utilize SSD drives. SSD drives are far quicker than traditional hard drives, allowing your website to load even faster. The majority of web servers do not provide SSD storage and those that do charge a lot for it.
  • Free Site Transfer: If your website is currently hosted elsewhere, InMotion Hosting can move it for you at no additional charge.


  • No monthly billing for basic plans: You may pay for one or two years ahead of time. You get a bigger discount if you select two years. Customers on the Pro plan may choose for monthly payment, but there is a $40 setup fee.
  • Phone verification: InMotion Hosting requires customers to confirm their purchase over the phone as a fraud protection measure. Customers who are not located in the United States may find this difficult.
  • Not the most affordable: The plans offered by InMotion Hosting are reasonably priced. However, they are not the lowest on the market.

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Alternatives of InMotion Hosting

We’ve covered a lot of ground so far on InMotion Hosting, but if you’re still not convinced, don’t worry – there are several alternatives. 

Two popular options are SiteGround and A2 Hosting.


SiteGround was founded in 2004 and now has offices in Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

InMotion Hosting and SiteGround both have strong reputations for excellent server speed and customer service. 

InMotion Hosting is less expensive and offers a money-back guarantee of 90 days. SiteGround, on the other hand, offers more features, such as a built-in cache, NGINX, and so on. 

In addition, the latter has a wider range of server locations, i.e., the United States, Europe, and Asia.

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A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting has been in business since 2001. It was formerly known as Iniquinet when it initially hit the scene. 

In 2003, it was rebranded A2 Hosting in honor of the founder’s hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The company has three data centers, with the main one in Michigan and other servers in Singapore and Amsterdam.

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While InMotion does not provide Windows-based servers, it does provide some of the best Linux hosting options available. 

You may also take advantage of services like 99.9% uptime, unlimited emails, and free SSDs on all servers, to name a few.

InMotion’s long 90-day money-back guarantee only goes to demonstrate how confident they are in their services. 

Overall, this company provides excellent web hosting services and is recommended above several competitors.

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InMotion Hosting Review FAQs

Is InMotion Hosting good?

Yes, InMotion is a reliable web hosting provider with a wide variety of related services.

How do I cancel InMotion Hosting after signup?

InMotion Hosting provides a 90-day money-back guarantee; however, you must contact InMotion Hosting customer care to cancel your subscription.

What is BoldGrid?

BoldGrid is a WordPress-based website builder that InMotion Hosting has developed and makes available to its users.

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